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Benefits from studying at home during this coronavirus pandemic

The recent pandemic has changed our ordinary life tremendously. Sure, it is hard to imagine someone who wants to get Covid-19. It makes many people nervous about their life, heath, and the future. So, all restrictive measures are for the common safety, even if such measures are really burdensome. However, for college and university students, this pandemic is especially anxious and uncertain.

Studying online can prevent you from stopping your educational process and personal development. Online does not mean deficient. If you organize it properly, it can bring even more results compared with the ordinary educational process.

So, let’s see the main advantages and disadvantages of your online classes may have.

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Advantages of your home study

Among certain advantages should be noted:

  1. ComfortBeing at home is a way to reduce your possible stress. You can have here everything required at your disposal. This is your comfort zone, where you can eat, study, and have your rest at any time. You may even accompany your studies with chips, nuts, or fruits. So, your classroom is your home now.
  2. OrganizationYou set your calendar and can organize your working place as you think appropriate.
  3. Educational processIt can be more convenient now. During your ordinary lectures, your professor can speak too fast, so you can miss a lot of information. When you study online, all videos are under your control, so you can regulate the speed and volume levels as you think appropriate.
  4. MaterialsWhen studying online, you may use electronic resources instead of traditional books. Such online materials are more interactive. Therefore, you will manage to remember all the required information faster and keep it in your memory longer.
  5. AtmosphereYou can create it on your own. For instance, you may listen to your favorite music at any time, surround yourself with books, pictures, your favorite things that inspire you, etc.
  6. BreaksYou can have your break at any time. However, it is recommended to do some short 5-15 minutes breaks every 30-40 minutes to restore your productivity and replenish your energy.
  7. Money savingStaying at home can save you a lot of money.

Unexpected benefits

Remote teaching can bring you many unexpected benefits. First of all, you can learn time management and set your calendar on your own. This skill is crucial not only for your studies at college or university but during the whole of your life.

Think about another potential benefit from this quarantine. You may turn your free time spent previously on your road, for instance, to your self-education.

This time can be devoted to the home study courses you wanted to complete. Such courses can be related to learning techniques, memorizing, time management, etc. This will take approximately 1-2 hours daily.

Apart from gaining some new skills, you may read about doing business online. You even can manage your start during this period. And this will help to become more independent from the financial perspective. Everything depends on you.

Disadvantages of your home study

Studying at home can be accompanied by certain inconveniences for students, like:

  1. Lack of time management and organizational skillsThis problem can be challenging at the beginning of your online studies, as nobody controls you now. Developing these skills is your number one priority. So, try to do this within the shortest time possible. How to cope with this objective, you will find out later in this article.
  2. ProcrastinationIt prevents you from productive studies and rest. You neither gain new knowledge nor restore yourself.
  3. Nobody to ask questionsDuring your ordinary studies, you are able to ask your teacher any questions nearly at once. However, now you should rely on your own first and provide your research independently.
  4. Tiresome characterStudying online during this quarantine can become pretty much tiresome later because you are restricted in your moving.

How to deal with your challenges

For your convenience, we address the solutions for all the mentioned disadvantages in the same order as they were listed above:

  1. To gain the necessary skills, start to organize yourself and prioritize your assignments simply by making your schedules with the help of different applications or your diary.
  2. To tackle your procrastination, think about positive outcomes you may have if you continue your productive work. Keeping in mind any possible negative scenarios will also help you to prevent this procrastination.
  3. It is good to have some joint groups in social networks for sharing information and asking questions. If you don’t have such – initiate its creation. If your peers don’t consider this as appropriate, you may simply look for various forums and blogs where people shared information on the similar issues you have. This way, you will be able to find answers to the questions you are looking for and even more.
  4. If you have some opportunity to go outdoors keeping yourself safe – do this. The change in your environment will help to keep your productivity. To organize your outdoor activities properly, think about the closest locations where you can feel more or less safe. For instance, you may go there alone early in the morning.

Final words

It is within your power to turn this quarantine into your benefits, particularly:

    • organize yourself;
    • enhance your time management skills;
    • get knowledge according to your plan of studies;
    • look for and complete additional online courses;
    • grow personally;
    • diversify your leisure activities by watching new films and reading interesting books;
    • going outdoors for a short period of time to the safest nearby locations.

In any case, remain calm and keep moving.

And we are always here to support you.

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