What is a research proposal

A winning thesis begins with a winning research proposal - the most important starting point for your future research.

Research Proposal lays the foundation for a future thesis. In it, the student sets the topic of research to be conducted, indicates the main problem and tasks for its solution, and works out the material.

Research Proposal is the second mandatory stage of work on a thesis after agreeing and approving its topic; it is in this document that all key aspects of future work are laid out and the possibility of covering the chosen topic and solving the problem is evaluated.

The proposal is evaluated by a potential supervisor of a student. The research proposal gives the teacher an idea of:

  • how well the student has studied the materials on the chosen topic;
  • whether the topic interesting for both the student and the supervisor;
  • how well a student is prepared to write a research work;
  • correct identification of the scientific problem by student;
  • student’s knowledge of methodological approaches that will allow to achieve the goals;
  • innovation and uniqueness of the scientific and practical developments to solve the raised issue.

As you see, writing a research proposal may not be that easy task. There are many research proposal examples online that can be used as a template. But very often they are not sufficient for designing a winning proposal.

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Proposals writing procedure

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Before you proceed to writing a research paper you should do several things:

Approval of the coursework plan.

Prior to starting writing a proposal, be sure to agree on the structure of work with your supervisor.

Order performance procedure.

Depending on the type of written assignment, it takes few days to 3 weeks to write a paper. When approving the plan, the teacher informs you how to take the job. It can be done in stages. Another way of writing is a comprehensive presentation of the topic according to the plan and a one-time check by the teacher before the defense.


The main part of the work is done, but the teacher returned the work with corrections? Why? The fact is that it is very rare when work is accepted from the first time after checking. And not because the work is not good. Making adjustments to the paper, the teacher thus wants to improve the work and make the defense process less stressful, remove all the flaws and add the necessary material. Therefore it is necessary to follow all the recommendations that your teacher requires. It is important not just to buy phd research proposal, but to get a high-quality finalized project that will meet the expectations of your supervisor.

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