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Basic Principles on How to Write a Reflection Paper

Let us start with the definition and the meaning of the reflective essay format. Basically, we should reflect on our personal thoughts and opinion about some particular ideas, facts, events, etc. In this case, it can be said that we should apply our critical writing skills as well as express all the points in a logical and convincing way. It is something like a self-reflection essay type.

A reflective paper is quite a common assignment at high school or college, so you should study this topic in detail. Of course, it is recommended finding out all the peculiar info and check all possible aspects of writing by asking your instructor, as you may need some professional assistance. You should know all the data on writing a reflection essay so that you try to investigate all the available information sources, study the topic further, find several samples and practice a lot. As we know, practice makes perfect. However, do not plagiarize.

Please, note that in this article we are going to make a brief overview of a reflective essay.

Well, a reflection paper is a type of academic essay that ought to be written in a proper style and appropriate format. It is an opportunity to express your own deep understanding of the chosen essay subject and study a range of reasonable proof, basing on the authoritative resources. Despite the fact that this essay includes your opinion, you should take care of the expert evidence.

So, making thorough research may hugely benefit the writing process.

Valuable Tips on How to Write a Reflection Essay

Here below there are some general instructions to help you write a reflection essay:

    • The essay should have a clear structure. Moreover, the writer`s ideas and all the facts ought to be in a logical sequence.
    • This useful strategy may come in handy. You should focus on the necessary direction of your writing and follow it, using the mind map and an outline. Sometimes, it is really complex to
      write the whole essay at once. So, you can divide your writing into some essential parts, thus, it may be easier to concentrate on the crucial points.
    • Keep in mind that a reflection essay is a type of academic writing that should be in a formal style, as it is possible. You should check all the specific information before writing the essay.
    • The narrative style of the reflection essay ought to be classical enough. Think about the essential parts of the reflection essay. Take into consideration an introduction part, main body paragraphs as well as proper conclusion.
    • The readers need to comprehend the author`s flow of writing, so try to sound intelligible and distinct.
    • Please, do not forget that even if your own thoughts are of great importance here, try to get some general facts and authoritative experience. However, naturally, all the data ought to fit the concept of your topic. Try to keep balance, consider profoundly and apply your critical thinking.
    • There can be different types of reflection essays, such as the following ones: educational, professional, personal, etc. For instance, in order to make a response to a book, article, movie or for a lot of other academic purposes, you may choose the educational type.
    • Proofread the whole essay deeply. Look for all the spelling, grammatical mistakes as well as note some organizational errors and inconsistencies, etc. You should check all the issues in detail.

Writing a Reflection Paper on a Book

Well, while you are writing a reflection essay, you should know several crucial features and peculiarities that ought to be in such a type of academic paper. Of course, the essay should be easily identified as a reflective one. That`s why it is really important to follow all the useful recommendations. As for the reflection paper on a book, you should realize the next general points:

    • Achieve the purpose of your writingYou should note that it is not just a free description of the plot or the abstract thoughts about a particular book. We should emphasize that you have to pay attention to all of the academic characteristics of the reflective essay. The author ought to explain everything in a very accurate and clear tone and format. Every single aspect should be taken into account. Keep in mind the academic goals and objectives.
    • Personal approachEven if you are writing about something that you have not experienced, your paper should contain your personal thoughts. This is an extremely significant point to express your own understanding and position concerning a book in this case. Actually, it is a reflection essay and this type of paper should present your ideas and cogitation. You may carry out profound research and observe various opinions and approaches to some topics and then it can be easier to express your reflection.
    • Make an accent on the perceptionAs you might see, it is not enough to retell the story in detail or describe some general facts. The essay writer is supposed to analyze the book and apply critical thinking. You should locate the author`s major intentions and key thoughts. Try to define the main goal to achieve. What was the author trying to explore and why?
    • Remember about the accuracyOf course, it is a very substantial point when writing an academic paper. You should fulfill all the requirements and academic standards in order to write a quality paper. Check your essay several times and edit if necessary. Everything should be correctly performed.

Writing a Reflection Paper on an Interview

In fact, the structure and the essential components for writing a reflection paper on a book, event or interview are generally quite similar. So that you should meet all the rules clearly. We are going to remind you that a reflective essay requires your opinion as well as refers to your personal experience.

It is commonly supposed that the writer of the reflection essay may use the first- person writing style (“I”). However, it is better to check this by asking your teacher, as there can be some specialties. The writer ought to present some clues or prompts about the conclusion in the introductory part.

Besides, you may use quotations in your reflection essay. You may include not only your positive experience or the right things but also some wrong situations or challenges, the things that have influenced the improvement of your experience, etc. All in all, it should be your reflection on something.

Several Basic Tips for the Structure

    • IntroductionOf course, a reflection essay is about personal feelings and opinions. However, it is not typical writing in a free manner. Please, notice that your paper should be definitely suitable for the academic task. Provide the introductory part with the thesis statement. Try to catch the reader`s attention by describing what can be expected from the essay. This may work as a hint for the readers.
    • The Main BodyThis is the section where you should investigate your thesis and discover the topic completely. Often you have got three main paragraphs for this aim. Nevertheless, you should check all the official requirements. Moreover, you may make some quotations of some parts of the interview, for instance, in order to better express your ideas.

      Furthermore, this method may help you find the right direction of your thoughts and it is an evident possibility to determine the main objectives distinctly, so that the goals may be clearer in your mind. Certainly, you can`t get your experience without any information sources. So, you may show this in the article by providing some exact data sources.

    • ConclusionThis part is similar to another kind of introductory section. The conclusion ought to be remarkable and strong. This may add a completive and definitive sound to the whole essay. While in the main body paragraphs we aim at the thesis support as well as we strive for the reader`s attention, you should make a striking impression, particular image, and experience in the concluding part. It is like drawing a bottom line.

Let`s Summarize

Anyway, writing a reflection essay is quite an interesting and challenging task, so you should directly follow all the necessary requirements and recommendations. Do not forget about the clearness and conciseness. You ought to check the approximate number of words to write a reflection essay correctly. Surely, maintain the professional tone of academic writing. You can make some citations to back up your opinion. Focus on the right organization and appropriate format. Reread and check your paper carefully.

Feel free to contact us if you need some professional help.

Finally, try to find comprehensive answers to your reflective questions and brainstorm all the main objectives of your paper. Check all the necessary information, study all the available sources and practice a lot. You need to improve a special skill to express your opinion and thoughts in the right way.

We sincerely hope that our basic tips and strategies may help you to some extent. Keep on studying this topic, please, and start creating an impressive reflective essay effectively. Get inspired and express your ideas properly and finely. Good luck to you!

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